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The Manhattan Projects #2 - Feynman Affirmations

Week 17: The Manhattan Projects #2 vs Wonder Woman #8

Eric’s Book Eric: Thanks to Dan, I’ve become a huge Jonathan Hickman fan. It started with you, Dan, lending me the Fantastic Four trades that lead into FF. This made me appreciate the current Fantastic Four/Future Foudnation storylines in a way that I wouldn’t have

FF #16 - Valeria's feelings about future Valeria

Week 16: FF #16 vs Avenging Spider-Man #5

Eric’s Book Eric: Well, there’s been a bit of a break while I was adjusting to being a father and didn’t really have time to read my comics in the week in which they came out. But we’re back! And we have another brawl between

X-Factor #231 - No More Humans

Week 13: X-Factor #231 vs Rachel Rising #5

Eric’s Book Eric: I was a bit surprised with the book I ended up picking for this week’s POW!  It came out in a week with other titles that are usually strong and X-Factor has been on a very slow climb to the top of

Fantastic Four #602 - Blanket Reed

Week 12: Fantastic Four #602 vs Flash #5

Eric’s Book Eric: I don’t think there’s any way I can lose because this week I have chose “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine!”, according to the cover. And we all know that covers don’t lie. Dan: Well, hmm…That’s a wrap then, folks! Eric: Alright, another

Week 11: Batman #5 vs Chew #23

Eric’s Book Eric:  I have to say that this week there was no shortage of great, great stories.  I almost chose Daredevil #8 for my entry this week because I thought Waid did such a great job on the writing.  There were neat twists, great

Wolverine and the X-Men #4 - Burning Books

Week 10: Wolverine and the X-Men #4 vs Batwoman #5

Eric’s Book Eric: So I decided to go for a bit of a challenge this week. Dan hasn’t expressed much love for Wolverine and the X-Men whenever it’s come up. He definitely didn’t like the Alpha & Omega spin-off mini. But I really liked this

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Week 10 POW! Will Be Late

Another family emergency this week has caused things to fall behind.  The POW! will be up late Friday or early Saturday.  Sorry about that!

FF #13 - Leech's Sage Advice

Week 8: FF #13 vs The Ultimates #5

Eric’s Book:   Eric: After a week off for Christmas we’re back with another Comic POW! Dan: It’s too bad we didn’t have an F4 book this week. We could have had a Christmas vs. Chanukah-off! Eric: Indeed! Well, for my entry this week we

SHIELD #4 - Nostradomus and the End of the World

Week 7: Batwoman #4 vs S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 2 #4

Sorry again for the late POW!   Eric’s Book   Eric: In an interesting reversal I have decided to choose Batwoman #4 for my Comic POW! entry this week. While I haven’t hated Batwoman, it hadn’t really spoken to me that much for the first