Moogle in a Tutu

Moogle in a Tutu

By Eric Mesa

Eric was an avid comic reader in the late 1990s. He then took a hiatus from comic reading until 2011 when he dove head-first back into comics. Back in the 90s Eric only read Marvel comics although he loved Batman: The Animated Series. After a 2 year dalliance (2011-2013) with Marvel and DC, Eric now almost exclusively reads Image Comics.

2 thoughts on “Moogle in a Tutu”
  1. Thank you so much for taking this picture of me it turned out amazing!!!! You can find me at the above name on Facebook if you would like to add it and tag me so they can see your photography

    1. You’re welcome! It was a great joy to talk to you and your family. Your daughter has been raised quite well. She complimented me on my shoes and my watch, which is such a nice thing to do with someone you’ve just met.

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